Advanced Grow LabsCannabidiol I 1:5 Sublingual Spray 8214 – 200mg (AGL)CBD




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CBD strain. CO2 extracted cannabis oil in a spray to be administered sublingually (under the tongue) or inside the cheek. Contains 50 sprays per unit. Each spray will deliver approximately 4.5mg of cannabinoids. CANNABINOID CONTENT PER UNIT (mg): THC-A: <0.10mg, THC: 29.7mg, CBD-A: <0.10mg, CBD: 170mg, CBG-A: <0.10mg, CBG: <0.10mg, CBN: <0.10mg, CBC: <0.10mg. INGREDIENTS: Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol, Food Grade Propylene Glycol, Peppermint Oil, Cannabis Oil. **Deducts 0.80 grams off monthly allotment**